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Artist’s Statement – Jan Dornian

Jan Dornian is an accomplished metal artist who works from her home studio near Lockport, Manitoba. She takes her inspiration from nature and from a deep interest early historic symbols such as cave paintings, rock art, and spiritual designs in stone and metal.

The tools of her work are steel – new and salvaged, a plasma cutter, welder, torches, grinders and related shop tools, plus a restless visual imagination.

Her works include large sculptures for the garden, smaller free standing sculptures ,wall art for home décor, gallery pieces, unique gifts and awards for businesses and public organizations.

The designs are contemporary and elegant. The steel, shaped and polished is complimented by a base of locally quarried Tyndall stone, making this award true to it’s Manitoba spirit and heritage.

Each piece is hand crafted to honour the achievements of the distinguished individuals who will receive them from The Future Leaders of Manitoba Council in recognition of their accomplishments.

To view other works by Jan Dornian visit her website, or call her at 204-481-1155 to discuss your ideas.

Jan executes many custom designs. She is readily available for consultation.