Past Winners and Nominees

Danielle Weidman – 2011 Community Service Nominee

I was truly honoured to have been nominated for a Future Leaders of Manitoba Award. It was very humbling to be in the company of the other nominees. I am grateful that Camp Quality Manitoba received recognition as a result of my nomination. It was a wonderful evening, and a privilege to be part of this event.

Paul Hesse – 2010 Business/Professional Nominee

Being nominated for the Future Leaders of Manitoba award was a tremendous honour. I was humbled to have been nominated and recognized for my community and business contribution. It was a rewarding experience to be interviewed by two leading business leaders. It was inspiring to attend the gala and to meet so many young leaders who are building a better Manitoba.

Chau Pham – 2011 Business/Professional Nominee

As a seven-year old with tuberculosis, living without parents in a Thai refugee camp, I saw that the Red Cross doctor working in that camp, could change my life by treating my TB, creating the means for me to be accepted to live in Canada. Since then, I have pursued my dream to become a doctor who like the one I knew, would change lives in significant ways. With my nomination as a Future Leader of Manitoba, others publicly acknowledged their faith in me and my dream, and that has been so vital. Now as an Emergency Medicine physician, I have been offered many opportunities to dream, to plan, and to initiate policies and programs to improve our medical school and residency training, as well as the delivery of health care throughout this province.

When we recognize each other publicly, the impact is immense. Perhaps most importantly, is the truth that my successes are not all mine but have been made possible because of the input from so many others. We truly do not live alone but rather, need to support each other in our unique dreams to make life better in our corner of our world. This I endeavour to do each day, knowing that my strength has come from so many around me that have not only believed in me but who have offered so me so much in return. To all Canadians and Manitobans, I feel an immense debt of gratitude for all that you have provided, to enable me to pursue my dream in this great land.

Michelle Frost – 2011 Community Service Winner

When my nomination for the FLM award was announced, I was excited about how that publicity would give broader exposure to the charity I am involved in, the Pembina Valley Humane Society. At first, I didn’t see the award as personal recognition, but more as myself representing a group of people that all helped make the dream of a new animal shelter for rural Southern Manitoba possible. What I realized at the ceremony, when I saw my personal accomplishments listed on that big screen in front of hundreds of people, is that I had in fact been a leader, however humble that made me feel. When I actually won the award in the community service category, it really hit home for me that my efforts had made a big difference, to many people. Now, every time I look at my FLM award, it renews my motivation to always be a “do-er”….to always take action when there is something I believe in and to work hard to make positive changes in the world around me!

Ryann Doucette – 2009 Nominee

It was an honour to be nominated for the Future Leaders award on behalf of Moksha Yoga Winnipeg. Thanks to the organizers of this great program for taking the time to celebrate young people that are striving to create positive change in our province.

Adam Smoluk – 2010 Winner The Arts

Thank you to the Future Leaders of Manitoba Council for their exemplary work this, and every other year, that the awards have been held. I think the council does a tremendous job recognizing exceptional young professionals in our province. What I’ve taken away from this experience is a renewed sense of professionalism both for my peers and myself. Thank you again

Sam Pellettieri – 2010 Winner Business Professional

Being a recipient of the Future Leaders of Manitoba award was a tremendous honour. The recognition for my community and business contribution has been more than I could have ever imagined. The relationships I’ve made with Manitoba business leaders and passionate, like-minded Manitobans in diverse field through the Future Leaders of Manitoba has been amazing.

Dalbir Bains – Winner 2011 Business/Professional

For me the award was less about the award itself but more about the concept of what it was trying to achieve in terms of celebrating the future leaders of this Province. While I was privileged to have been the recipient of the award in 2010, the award has a life much bigger than an individual recipient of the award in any given year as it really represents all the people that are associated with creating the event, hosting it, those attending and all the participants. One of the great Manitobans of our time and someone I had the good fortune of knowing, Israel Asper, would be so proud of this program as he always believed that we should strive for nothing less than excellence in everything we do as a Province and we should celebrate it!